A Garage Sale Memoir

I'm afraid I'm heading for a Grey Gardens sort of future. Why? Because I live in a big, old house. A house my family has owned for 80+ years. We’ve decided it is, in fact, too big and too old for us, now. Too hard to clean, to maintain, to heat. Too much that needs updating (knob-and-tube wiring, anyone?). We’ve decided it’s time to look for something small[...]

Watch: The Emigrant Irish

When I think of the recitation of poetry, I think of Garrison Keillor--and not in a good way, I'm afraid. But it doesn't have to be that way. While building my Pinterest board for Deceptive Cadence, I found this video, featuring the Irish actor Fionnula Flanagan reciting a piece called "The Emigrant Irish" by Dublin-born poet Eavan Boland. If you want to ex[...]